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About Us

Welcome to Oncology International India, we at Oncology International India do everything possible to assist you in alleviating your medical condition and make your life as stress free as possible. Our team is well versed in patient care and healthcare ecosystem with modern imaging, array of therapy options we focus on patient outcomes through quality care, efficiency and a holistic healthcare to patients. Right from the process of appointment, registration, doctor consultation, treatment, billing, discharge, counselling we have ensured that a handful of dedicated, highly skilled and trained team will give you the best possible services and address your needs. We take pride in answering your queries and we be assured that there will be someone always willing and waiting to answer your queries. 

We sincerely hope that you will always experience the Compassionate, Comprehensive, Care at ONCOLOGY INTERNATIONAL INDIA. 



To be a regional & national leader in patient care by providing compassionate, comprehensive care with highest standard ethics and in appropriate environment.



To participate in the creation of healthier lives within the community through creating awareness, competent, innovative, and accessible treatment and care. We diagnose, treat and care with skill and compassion.



• To build patient focused and evidence based practice

• To provide best in class service in patient care

• To maintain highest professional ethics



Oncology International [India] Pvt. Ltd. strives to provide patients with the highest quality of care, to provide their caregivers with clear information on the condition and to constantly improve the physical, psychological, and emotional well-being of all concerned persons. Oncology India, Best Daycare chemotherapy center, Best cancer hospital

We work diligently to ensure the highest standards of cancer care in an open supportive and compassionate environment that addresses all aspects of the diagnosis, treatment and follow-up process.

It is our intent to serve as a liaison for cancer prevention and early detection programs. We want to establish our clinic as a research center to reduce the incidence of cancer and the discovery of effective lower-cost methods of treatment so that the best care is available to all.


Why Oncology International

Treatment is as diverse and individualistic as human being, at oncology international India we provide • A medical care that is beyond just treatment we ensure that patient has the least waiting time from admission to discharge. • The atmosphere is just as homely as possible which ensures that patient is motivated to take the treatment and complete the same. • We know the importance of your privacy and at oncology international India your privacy is always in safe hands. • A unique boutique hospital experience where patient have the convenience of staying close to their loved ones because at oncology international India hospital we believe in family is the place where life begins and love never ends. • We ensure that every staff is always there to hear and assist you in every step, and equally assist care givers and relatives in all queries that they may have. • We offer priority services through our exclusive partners for all diagnostic services like pet, MRI or CT scans this ensures that patient just walks in and out of the center with no or least waiting time.



Oncology international India started in 2011 with a vision of providing best in class treatment for cancer patients with best in class treatment and services. We have completed 11 years as a medical hub earning the trust of patients from all over Bengaluru and Karnataka in general. Patients treated at oncology international India often remember the homely, smiling and care that they receive at the hospital through our dedicated trained staff who are always willing to assist and help patients may it be their queries or anything that they need to alleviated their medical condition. Situated in strategic locations which is well connected oncology international India offers convenience for patients in terms of almost no waiting period, immediate admission procedures and process, thereby reducing time patients stays at hospital and go back to home and be with their loved ones. The tradition on oncology international India as a hospital is to provide an environment as homely as possible so that patient is motivated to complete there treatment. Our doctors are the best in class who are well qualified well experienced in their areas of expertise yet are very accessible, we adopt a holistic treatment approach so that we do not leave any stone untouched in the treatment and outcomes of the patient.