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I was late in detecting my lump


As a management professional, she had worked in several companies before she quit her job at the age of 58. Incidently, she had just resigned when she got diagnosed with breast cancer. She is stoical about what she went through and life is as good as ever for her.

It was 6 years ago, in nov 2009, that i felt something strange in myself. I had never screened myself before although a few years back i had got a pap smear done and was advised a mammogram too.

When i felt the lump, it was quite hard and i knew that something was definitely wrong. When i went to my doctor, I was told that all was not well and that I should have attended to it some time ago. She asked me to consult a medical oncologist. It seemed that I was already late because he said that the tumour (2ndStage) had grown and was aggressive. Thankfully it had not spread.

My husband was my pillar of strength

When i was first diagnosed, i was shoched and worried but i had support of my family both mentally and finnacially. Mu husband and i were having differneces of opinion at that time but my illness brought us close. He was my pillor of strength and support after my diagnosis and through my treatment.

My friend were very supportive throughout my treatment and this helped me a great deal. Even after my hair loss I didn’t feel very low although i did feel bad to see the hair falling. In this period of being at home, I kept myself busy with books.

I had no apprehensions about my treatment.

I had tremendous faith in my doctors. I didn’t know why I had so much faith in them because I was consulting them for the very fisrt time. I did not even speak ot other women to confirm that they went through.

I knew I was going through the right treatment and did not worry about myself. I was relieved that I could come out of all the treatment successfully. I did not have the side effects of chemo that many seem to have -like nausea or diarrhea.