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Video chats with son during chemo and tells him he’s late at the office…

Kiran Kumar Singh

On a Sunday in July 2016, 33-year old Kiran Kumar Singh woke up with blurred vision. After an eye test that showed nothing was wrong with his eyes, an MRI revealed that he had CNS lymphoma in the left temporal lobe of his brain. Oncology India’s lymphoma specialist decided that chemotherapy was the best course of treatment for Kiran Kumar.

However, chemotherapy adversely affected his liver and his second round of chemotherapy got delayed. Better late than never, the treatment worked and Kiran Kumar is now a proud cancer survivor. Kiran Kumar’s son and parents were kept in the dark regarding their son’s medical condition. Though his wife, sister, brother and office colleagues were a source of huge support, Kiran found an extended family at Oncology India.

At Oncology India, we never underestimate the importance of moral support for patients and their families. Empathy is critical in maintaining a positive attitude at this difficult juncture. It showed yet again that with moral support, coupled with timely and expert treatment, we can beat cancer.