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Why Us

Why Oncology International

Oncology International believes in a holistic approach to cancer treatment, keeping the patient’s physical and mental well-being in mind. Our day care chemotherapy is designed to be convenient to fit the patient’s needs while also following international protocols of medicine. Working with cancer patients both in India and the U.S., we have gained deep insights into the emotional challenges, which cancer patients and their families have to overcome. Sincere empathy goes a long way in alleviating many of the physical discomforts and anxiety of the affected people.

Since all cancer patients are affected by the disease in different ways, we put a high premium on personalized and individualistic treatment plans. Proper understanding of the patient’s physiology, medical history, genetics and tumour characteristics allows us to fight the disease and ensure patient well-being. Our skilled, multi-disciplinary team of doctors follows world-standard protocols and cutting-edge technology that enables us to aggressively track and fight the disease in each patient.

Oncology International provides patients with the best day-care chemotherapy available today. Chemotherapy is central to almost all cancer treatments but does not always require hospitalization. We perform the procedure in a recreational atmosphere, which minimizes discomfort, and keeps the patient pleasantly occupied. We do our collective best not to disrupt the patient’s routine more than is required.